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Cleaning Rags & Trash Bags

Keep your space spotless with our Cleaning Rags & Trash Bags. These heavy-duty contractor trash bags are perfect for disposing of debris, while our shop and office cleaning rags ensure a pristine environment. With our wholesale pricing and box discounts, maintaining cleanliness has never been more affordable. Say goodbye to mess and hello to savings!


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Projects can get messy. But no project is truly complete until your workshop is clean and restored to order. That’s why at, we offer everything you need to minimize that mess. We are your one-stop-shop for all types of cleaning supplies, including cleaning rags and trash bags.

Our selection of rags features multi-purpose wipes, terry towels, and heavy-duty wipes. Different projects call for unique types of products. That is why we do our best to carry every type of product to meet all your project needs.

Single-use wipes are ideal for small spills and quick cleaning. Terry towels are ultra-absorbent, cotton towels that are reusable and washable. For stubborn dirt and grime, we carry heavy-duty wipes with a gritty texture.

We also carry an array of trash bags in varying sizes. Not every project is the same scale, so we give you the option to choose products based on your expected clean up.

To best serve our customers, we also provide the option to buy in bulk and save. Whether you are buying in bulk or single items, we proudly offer products of the highest quality at great prices.

Browse our diverse selection of cleaning rags and trash bags today. We’re sure you’ll find all the items you’ve been looking for.