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Proform Contractor Brushes

The Proform Contractor paint brush series incorporates high performance filaments, bristles, knot and ferrule construction. The original PBT brush provides painters the highest quality brush at 1/2 the price PLUS releases and cleans with all coatings including oils, stains, enamels, varnishes and latex Paints.

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The Proform Contractor series of paint brushes are known in the industry. The secret is in the bristles. Their brushes contain high-performing filaments and ferrules. This high-quality line is a cost-effective product for every painter. You can use Proform Contractor products with oils, enamels, latex paints, and varnishes. is where you'll find the best selection of Proform Contractor brushes. We stand by this company and its great quality products. They are the makers of the original PBT brush. The nylon quality filament in the bristle is round, solid, and tapers throughout the brush. The acid-dipping process used to make the bristle allows the paint to easily transfer. For the best coverage, you can't go wrong with the PBT.

Our selection of Proform Contractor brushes comes in a variety of different angles. Our mission is to make sure you can find the right brush for every job possible. There are standard straight and angled brushes, short and tall brushes, and many more. The handles consist of stainless steel, making it the perfect sturdy and long-lasting choice for all contractors. Compared to its competitors, Proform offers its Contractor series at very low prices with high-quality results. That's why we are pleased to offer this brand to our valued customers. For a durable and effective paint brush, look no further than our selection of Proform Contractor paint brushes.