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Corona Champagne Nylon Paint Brushes

Corona Champagne Nylon brushes feature a softer synthetic filament, ideal for applying interior latex, enamels, eggshell, and flat paints. Deep flagg tips are created in-house to resemble those of natural China bristles for super smooth paint finishing. The chisel is hand formed to provide extra sharp, accurate cutting-in and preserve the smooth flagg tips.

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At, we know exactly what you need to get the job done right. That is why we offer a large variety of painting and finishing materials.
When it comes to our selection of paint brushes, we have an excellent selection. Our Corona Champagne Nylon Brushes are an excellent option to explore. Not only are the pristinely made, but their superior manufacture is ideal for every painter.
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Our Corona Champagne Nylon Paint Brushes are made with top-grade nylon, which is an excellent choice when it comes to applying enamels, flats, latex, and eggshell paints. They also feature excellent and smooth Flagg tips. Each model has a unique handle that provides steady grip.
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