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Matte Metallic Paint

Formulated with the same shimmering particles and ease of application as the original "Satin Sheen" Metallic Paints but with a Matte finish. Besides the Matte finish, they do exhibit some unique qualities versus their counterparts, like holding the pattern created by stiff brushes or paint pads.

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Modern Masters Matte metallic paint is similar to satin or traditional metallic varieties but features a unique, smooth finish. The creation process for this product is just like traditional metallic paint. It includes the addition of metal particles or flakes that mix to produce a unique reflective finish. The finish creates a high-quality, no-gloss look when dried.
At, you'll find matte paints in a variety of colors and primers. We have over 15 shades that have been tried and tested. Our most popular shades include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Oyster, Champagne, Penny and Copper.
In our experience, matte metallic paint works well with most surfaces without issue. You can apply this product on walls, ceilings, furniture, trims, and doors. It works great for subtle accents and full-coverage applications. No matter the surface, it's a perfect choice if you want to create a smooth matte look. provides all the supplies you need for any home or commercial project. We can supply you with the paint you need to get your project completed to the highest standard.