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Wooster Paint Brushes, Rollers and Tools

Established in the USA since 1851, the Wooster Brush Company is among the oldest manufacturers of paint applicators in the United States.

At, we supply you with Wooster’s most popular and versatile products.

Wooster’s brushes are specifically designed with the coating in mind. This way, you will achieve better results while having a more pleasurable painting experience overall.

We invite you to browse the complete line of Wooster products. The product you choose depends on the type of paint you have and the results you are looking for. Discover our buying guide below.

Wooster Paint Brushes

At the Paint Store, we only provide the top of the line products from the best brands. The Wooster Brush Company is one of the leading pioneers in designing and manufacturing paint brushes and are popular for their invention of the Angle Sash and the Shasta® paintbrush style.

Wooster has been producing more than 2,000 painting products for all kinds of painters with different skills and at all professional levels.

The Wooster company was the first to introduce synthetic fabrics for roller covers which is now an industry standard and the first to use nylon in their brushes in order to be able to use paints with latex. Discover Wooster Paint Brushes below and become part of the legacy established in 1851.

Yachtsman Paint Brush

This Yachtsman Paint Brush is formulated with White China Bristle for all oil-based finishes. It has a chisel construction for precise cut in with oil-based paints, stains & enamels. The brush is round brass-plated steel ferrule and has a solid, black plastic handle.

Ultra/Pro Extra-Firm Lindbeck Paint Brush

If you are looking into tools for home improvement and need a paintbrush that can do multiple jobs, this brush carries more paint to the wall, cleans up fast when done, ideal for thick coatings and works well in hot or humid conditions plus, the long handle permits you to reach tight spaces.

Wooster Paint Rollers

Wooster first began manufacturing professional roller frames in 1992. This is now the world’s best-selling roller due to its unique frame which retains a spring at the end of the cage that prevents the roller from slipping and allows you to easily remove it without having to use your hands.

Wooster Paint Rollers composed of man-made synthetic fibers provide an exceptional paint capacity for the fastest coverage. These paint roller covers are compatible with all sizes and styles making them the most convenient and versatile on the market. Count on Wooster Paint Rollers for a uniform finish from edge to edge. Explore our curated list of Wooster rollers below!

Economy Trim Roller

If you want to paint your home you need to opt for a roller that resists water solvents and cracking with a sturdy polypropylene core. This roller cover will not leave traces of lint as you paint or as you apply enamels or varnishes. You can reach corners and difficult spaces, around pipes and behind furniture.

Wooster Sherlock Extension Pole

Extension poles are a must-have if you are working on home improvements because they permit you to reach heights you couldn’t otherwise without a ladder. This handle allows smooth rolling action and is chrome plated giving it a classic style and feel. The cylinder shape of this frame won’t let the foam roller slip so that you can paint with ease.

Wooster Painting Tools

Hefty Deep Well Tray

The capacity of each tray is subject to certain terms, such as sturdiness, ribbed roll-off area, rust resistance, and legs to keep the tray balanced. The depth of this tray allows you to pour in a considerable amount of paint helping you accomplish your home improvement projects in a timely manner.

Speed Bucket

This bucket is compatible with a 7inch roller or smaller and holds a powerful magnet that you can attach a brush to. The best quality of this bucket is that it has a wide roll-off area for you to squeeze out excess paint from your roller. This technique helps you conserve and make the most out of the paint you have available, plus, the roll-off area reduces the risk of paint dripping down the wall and onto the floor.

The material of this speed bucket is resistant to solvents and paint buildup. There is a notch that keeps a frame in place when you are not utilizing it.

Polypropylene Spiked Shoes

These shoes allow you to walk around freely in the room you are painting without damaging the floors. The spikes hold you up in the air and if you step on paint, your floor will only have a couple of specks of paint instead of a whole set of footprints around the room. Without varnish, paint can be tedious to remove, especially if it dries out. Don’t risk damaging your floors and equip yourself with these polypropylene spiked shoes.

Count On Us For All Your Home Improvement Projects!

We understand that choosing the right brush can affect the quality and feel of a room, better than anybody. That’s why we offer dozens of Wooster brushes, rollers, and painting tools at affordable, wholesale prices. Our mission is to help you stay more focused on accomplishing a job well done without worrying about breaking the bank.

As the coating industry continues to innovate, so does Wooster. It is this creative evolution that is, in part, responsible for their longevity and decades of success.’s inventory will always evolve along with the industry so that we can continue to deliver cutting-edge tools at the best prices. Our Wooster rollers and other painting tools are all exceptionally high quality. For your next project, why not consider Wooster and see why it’s trusted among professionals everywhere.

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