Masking tape and paper are useful for when you want to map out or line surfaces before applying paint. These allow you to create the perfect finish in your home or commercial project. Masking tape provides good adhesion to most surfaces. It also leaves no residue and is easy to remove after you’ve finished.

At, we supply a variety of masking tape in different widths and lengths. You can apply these to any surface to create a border. These borders will ensure your finished look is clean and professional. Although it is an often overlooked tool, it’s a fundamental product for any paint job. It should be on your shopping list for any home or commercial project.

There is a wide range of masking tape products available. These include application tools and masking tape for drywall and ducts. These tools can allow you to work faster and more efficiently. An application tool can help you to apply tape and paper to any surface with minimal effort.

Masking paper can provide a wider splash protection area. The paper works great when smaller strips of tape may fail to do the job. Applied in the same way to most surfaces, it’s the perfect product for spray painting.