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Since 1953, craftsmen, consumers and contractors all know Deft as the brand they can trust for superior, easy to use wood stains and finishes. Whether your project is as simple as a touch-up or as demanding as a kitchen remodel, antique restoration or wood floor, Deft has the quality products which make the job easier with results you will be proud of.

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Deft is a brand that has been in business since 1953. In over sixty years of operation, the company has become a trusted leader in the paint supply industry. We at are proud to carry their products, and especially their line of wood finishes. These finishes are necessary for preserving the longevity of projects involving wood. Otherwise, you leave your wood vulnerable to water and rot damage.

We offer a wide range of their finishes to help you complete small touch-up projects as well as extensive renovation overhauls. We carry Deft stains that are specially formulated for both indoor and outdoor projects as well. Whether you are looking for lacquer or a polyurethane stain from Deft, we have you covered there too.

These high-quality products have been trusted by professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike for years. Whether you're refinishing furniture or adding a fresh coat of color to your walls, you can trust Deft to deliver exceptional results.

We are here to help you have the most successful renovation or DIY project possible. We are dedicated to the success of our customers and cannot wait to see what you will create using the line of Deft finishes that we offer. Browse our selection and reach out to us if you have any questions.