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With over 155 years of experience of on the job performance, Wooster's painting equipment is the standard for the professional painter.

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If you need good painting equipment for your projects, you won’t have to look any further than our selection from Wooster!

Wooster is one of the top brands in the painting industry. Since starting in 1851, the manufacturer built its reputation for quality products. They operate on a “made in America” principle, manufacturing their materials exclusively in the U.S. This helps ensure that they abide by their high standards they consistently deliver to their customers.

Here at, high quality doesn’t translate to high costs. We keep our products affordable by offering them at wholesale prices. This way, anyone interested in creative projects has easy access to the tools they need.

Throughout the years, Wooster has adapted to the needs of its customers. Its professionals have years of experience in the industry and keep tabs on the ever-changing demands. They offer all the essentials one will need for nearly any task. From roller extension poles to maintenance, professionals and DIYers alike feel catered to.

We stock a comprehensive selection of their amazing products, so you won’t have to search anywhere else! Get everything you need for your next project right here at! If you need expert advice, consult one of our friendly representatives.