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Purdy XL Brushes

Popular PURDY® XL™ Series brushes offer a unique blend of Satin‑Edge nylon (dyed Tynex® nylon) and Orel® polyester filaments. XL™ brushes are highly recommended for both interior and exterior painting projects with all paints. The stiffness retention of XL™ brushes (from the polyester content) makes them especially high-performing for outside painting under hot and humid climate conditions. Only DuPont™ solid, round, tapered (SRT) Tynex® nylon and Orel® polyester filaments are used.

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Perfect for indoor and outdoor projects, Purdy brushes are the best fit for any number of painting projects. These items are designed with a polyester and nylon blend. You can use them with any type of paint. The nylon in the blend prepares the brush for the harshest conditions. The stiffness and retention provided by the polyester set these brushes apart. They are especially ideal for working in extra humid conditions.

Purdy brushes pride themselves on how versatile they are, and at, we are proud to carry them. Our selection offers a multitude of different types of brushes, all at competitive prices. In our online store, you'll find the perfect brush that is made to last.

We love Purdy products because they are easy to use and boast great longevity. This XL brush series contains the XL Bow, XL Cub, XL Glide, XL Moose, and XL Elasco paint brushes. Within the series, you will find brushes in multiple sizes, ranging from 2" to 4". With a natural hardwood handle and brushed copper edges, the quality from Purdy is unmatched.

Shop our selection of Purdy products today. You'll be glad you did. If you have any questions about choosing the right product for your next project, reach out to us today.