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Corona Badger-Style Paint Brushes

Corona Badger Style Paint Brushes are the perfect blend of elegance and performance. These brushes feature a unique combination of badger hair appearance and the natural flex, taper, and flagg of pure China bristle. With wholesale pricing and box discounts, these brushes offer exceptional value for professional artists and DIY enthusiasts alike. Achieve flawless brushstrokes and precise detailing with the trusted brand that delivers superior results. Experience the artistry of Corona Badger Style Paint Brushes today.

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Are you looking for brushes that combine the top brush-making techniques of multiple countries? If so, the Corona Badger Style options might be perfect for you. These brushes are known for having the appearance of badger hair. Don’t worry though; these brushes are produced without harming animals.

The construction is fully European/American while the bristles are pure China. This means you get comfortable hold and maneuvering with the natural qualities of China bristles. They are very flexible, have a good taper, and their Flagg is ideal.

These brushes are perfect for marine varnishes and urethanes. So, if you have to work on any type of marine/water-related project, you will want to invest in Corona. Regardless of whether you use them for marine varnishes, or just for their quality materials, these brushes are from a brand that won’t disappoint you.

We offer the Europa Bristle Paint Brush, the Heritage Bristle Paint Brush, and the Pacifica Marine Brush. The Europa is meant for general paint jobs and fine finishes. Meanwhile, the Heritage is a wise choice for any finish that needs multiple coats. Finally, use the Pacifica for cutting-in and tight corners.

No matter the project, the Corona Badger-style paint brush will suit you perfectly.