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Rust-Oleum Paint

At, we offer a wide variety of Rust-Oleum paints, making us a trustworthy Rustoleum online store. The company’s Stops Rust paint helps combat cracking, chipping and peeling. Rust-oleum offers an extensive selection of paint colors, enamel whatever you need, and we carry it all! Painter’s Touch is great for everyday projects while always offering their signature durability. Rust-Oleum Industrial Coatings and Rust-Oleum Professional Paint brands offer professionals all the durability and dependability they need in their finishes.  Explore all the Rust-Oleum Paint options we have available at the below!

At The Paint Store, we provide all the necessary paint supplies for you to protect, or renovate, your valuables and express yourself creatively in your next home improvement projects with top quality paint tools and painting supplies.

One of the world’s most established paint manufacturers, Rust-Oleum has been protecting and preserving America’s furniture, products and vessels for nearly 100 years.

Rust-Oleum Painters Touch

Acquire the painter’s touch with this leading line by rust-oleum, Painters Touch. Explore their vast selection of spray paints. Rust-oleum auto paint, primers, and finishes to keep your precious items protected from external circumstances, such as harsh weather conditions, the sun’s ultraviolet rays or water damage.

Spray Paint

If you would like to keep your wooden, wicker, metal, plaster materials or unglazed ceramics in perfect shape we recommend Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch spray paint. Easily spray your valuables with a coat of this spray paint! Its formula has a fast-dry feature that resists chipping and fading.

Clear Spray

This rust preventative spray paint from Rust-Oleum has a smooth durable finish which allows you to complete your projects in a timely manner whilst accomplishing a professional look and feel.

If you appreciate the color that your wood, wicker, metal, plaster or ceramics has but would still like to protect it from rust this Rust-Oleum clear spray will keep your precious items’ integrity and same aesthetic. This clear finish adds a protective layer that increases the life span of your valuables. Rust-Oleum paint keeps rust, dust, and external factors from harm’s way. At, you can choose whether you want to purchase an individual item or save and buy by the box for even greater savings off of our already wholesale prices.

Ultra Cover Quart

If you would like to cover up stains, discolorations, and irregularities in order to create a uniform and consistent surface on bare wood, metal, masonry, ceramics, or plaster Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Quart will aid your experience. Corrosion-resistant paint like this one prevents damage and adds a uniform paint finish. This helps your products last longer! Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Quart is fast drying, and you can clean it with soap and water easily.

When you apply Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch it makes it easier to apply a finish coat because their Ultra Cover Paint has an adhesive quality to it, hence the durability of the finish coat intensifies.

Rust-Oleum Marine Coatings

Rust-oleum Marine Coatings can endure the rough aquatic environments both above and below the waterline. This formula was developed by Captain Robert Fergusson while navigating out on high seas. The Captain’s experience in open waters combined with the nautical needs one encounters whilst on a boat met to create this professional Marine coating that will keep your boat protected against all elements with its supreme coverage and color retention features. Explore our many options for Rust-Oleum Marine Coating Paint!

Marine Topside Paint

While out on the sea your vessel is susceptible to many external factors such as UV rays, extreme weather conditions and the potentially damaging effects of water. Applying Rust-Oleum Topside paint to fiberglass, wood or metal surfaces above the waterline helps to minimize those effects.

With this Rust-Oleum paint, you will provide your boat with UV protection, gloss retention, and durability, increasing the life-span of your vessel so that you can continue on with your expeditions without any impediments.

Marine Wood & Fiberglass Primer

If your boat is lightly rusted, or you would like to take preventative measures, apply this Rust-Oleum primer to any wood or fiberglass surfaces above the waterline. This primer is formulated with fast-drying components and is rust-resistant for any indoor/outdoor surfaces.

Prepare your surface by making sure it is free of dirt, loose paint, oils, wax, soap or any other external features. For further information on how to prepare your surfaces before applying this Marine Wood & Fiberglass Primer continue navigating the website by clicking here and we will let you know all the details.

Marine Metal Primer Quart

This corrosion-resistant primer will provide a smooth base for paint, will avoid cracking and peeling and you will not need to apply additional coats or finishes. Protect your vessel’s metallic components from rust with this Rust-Oleum Marine Primer. Keep your boat’s integrity and aesthetics by maintaining it through our Marine coatings.

Marine Anti-Slip Additive White ½ Pint

Avoid slipping and falling on your boat’s wet surfaces by applying this pumice texture into Rust-Oleum Marine Coatings Top Coat Paint and onto wood, metal, fiberglass or concrete surfaces. This anti-slip additive will not alter the color or performance of your paint. This Rust-Oleum Paint is compatible with oil and latex-based paints.

Protect Your Valuables With Rust-Oleum Paint From The Paint Store!

Industrial painters don’t need to look any further than the company’s Industrial Choice. This long line of multi-purpose coatings has everything you could need. From indoor and outdoor coatings to specialty products and line marking coatings, Rust-Oleum’s Industrial Choice Paint is always an excellent pick.

At, we also offer Rust-Oleum’s Universal paint. This exciting new line of spray paints can be applied to any and all surfaces. And the ergonomic design makes it easier on your fingers and supplies a well-fitting grip.

We also sell Rust-Oleum’s Epoxy Shield paints, their toughest coating yet. Get the most durable and adhesive coatings thanks to the company’s Cross-Linking Technology. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another line of coatings that are as resistant to abrasion and stains as Epoxy Shield.

No matter what your paint job demands, if you are looking for a coating that is going to last and maintain a healthy structure, then look no further than’s extensive line of Rust-Oleum paint coatings. Interested in learning more? Have any questions or comments?Contact us today!