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For interior use, NYLOX™ is the favorite brush of many professional painters. Its 100% dyed nylon from PURDY®, the first brush company to offer dyed nylon, is still the standard by which all others are measured. Only 100% solid, round, tapered (SRT) Tynex® nylon by DuPont™ is used.® Carefully tipped and flagged by craftspeople, their NYLOX™ filament provides greater abrasion resistance for increased wearability while its famous Satin‑Edge finish provides the excellent painting performance only found in such chiseled, handcrafted painting tools. Each NYLOX™ brush is formulated with varying lengths and taper ratios that assure proper tool flexibility. Best with water-based paints, PURDY® NYLOX™ brushes use “full-sized mixtures” of stock for excellent paint lift and smooth application. The PURDY® NYLOX™ Series has long been considered the painter’s number one choice for interior painting projects.

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