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Corona White China Brush

Corona White China Bristle Slightly thinner and softer than the black China bristle, 100% natural white China bristle is recommended for solvent-based stains, varnishes, marine coatings, and urethanes. Our white China bristle line offers a full array of sash, trim, and wall brushes, as well as specialty tools to meet the needs of professional painters.

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23 Products is committed to providing all your painting needs at the highest level of quality. In addition to hundreds of painting supplies, we of course supply paint brushes.

Not all paint brushes are made the same way. A different brush is needed for all sorts of tasks, which is why every painter carries several brush types and sizes in their tool box. At, we provide a variety of paint brushes for every imaginable need and finish.

The Corona White China Brush is an excellent choice for urethanes, varnishes, solvent-based stains, and marine coatings. This brush is 100% natural and made of white China bristle. It is softer and slightly thinner than the black China bristle version we offer.

The Corona White China brush has about 30 different varieties to help you complete your project. Some of the Corona White China Brushes we carry include the Glasskoter, Topaz, White Star, Deck and Trim, MiniPo Cloud, Oil-Stain-It, Lil Stainer, Bottom Brush, Stain Oil, TopSail, Pal, Tail, Deck and Cabin, Nome, and Urethaner.

Each of these specialized brushes has been made with a different project in mind. For anything that you’re eager to accomplish, The Paint Store has you covered with the necessary tools.