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Proform Picasso Paint Brushes

Advantage PBT proprietary filament blend for easy paint application and cleaning. Hardline no drip interior construction design that permanently marries the handle to the ferrule. This means the ferrule will never become loose! It also eliminates the area where paint, cleaners and water collect, creating a no drip after cleaning benefit.

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The Proform Picasso series offers paint brushes of every shape and size. It's the perfect high-quality collection for all painters. At, we carry the largest selection of the Proform Picasso line. Our selection means every painter will find what they need. We aim to carry the products you need to achieve a perfect paint job.

The Proform Picasso line of paint brushes is distinct in its design. The PBT filament blend makes it easy to apply paint and then clean the brush afterward. Hand-chiseled, acid-dipped tips ensure the paint lays out perfectly on the wall. These brushes also have a hardy, no-drip design. The ferrule will never become loose, making the brushes in this series some of the most resilient. This innovative design also eliminates drip, helping to reduce mess. is dedicated to supplying the best products made for painters. We carry the Proform Picasso line of paint brushes because they absorb and deliver paint effectively. Secure hardware and innovative design also make these brushes nearly indestructible. If you need a high-quality, no-frills paint brush, the Proform Picasso collection is one of the best choices. Shop our selection today. You'll find varieties and angles for every job. If you need help finding the right item for your next project, give our team a call.