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Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol Log & Siding

Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol Log & Siding is a high-performance translucent exterior stain for log homes. This alkyd high solids formulation offers optimum protection and a premium look in just two coats. Sikkens Cetol Log and Siding's two-coat satin finish creates a protective film that gives siding and logs a premium furniture-like finish that allows all the natural characteristics and gain of the wood to show through. The product creates a durable surface barrier to prevent wood from weathering.

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The Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol Log & Siding series is the number one stain for wood exterior siding. These stains are formulated with high solids and pigments to protect from UV rays and weather of all types. All it takes is two coats of Sikkens Proluxe Cetol stain. Finished in the color of your choice, your log home will boast a fresh new look.

At, we supply 4 colors of stains: natural oak, butternut, cedar & natural. These are specially formulated to preserve the natural grain of your wood. We are pleased to offer this great quality brand to our valued customers. For log cabins, Sikkens ensures you never have to sacrifice the natural beauty of your home.

We also offer our Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol Maintenance stain. You can use this to ensure the best retention for the look and color of the natural wood in your home. Browse our online selection the next time you need a gallon of Log & Siding exterior stains or a Maintenance stain.

At, we are here to help you achieve the best-looking home. Whether you are weather-proofing or seeking to give your home a facelift, we are here to help. Our mission is to help meet all your log home exterior staining needs.