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Painter's Drop Cloths and Rags

At the Paint Store, we offer all the tools necessary in order to equip you and get you ready for your next painting project. From premium paintbrushes and paint buckets to paint rollers and painter’s clothing, we’ve got it all! Whether you are painting indoors or outdoors you are going to need painter’s drop cloths and rags to keep the paint mess to a minimum. We carry a wide variety of options from a multitude of trusted brands all founded with the same values we share good craftsmanship, quality, and integrity. Anything you get from, rest assured will be a top-of-the-line product.

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Premium White Cotton Knit Reclaimed Wipes/Rags

This box of cotton rags is made from reclaimed white t-shirts. Rag boxes are a great option for the environmentally conscious painter who does not prefer using a new product for something that is going to get stained and painted on anyways. This multi-purpose pack of rags can be used for cleaning, polishing, staining, faux finishing and as wiping cloths in general. These shirt rags are 100% reusable, simply throw them in the washing machine and reuse as necessary.

Canvas Drop Cloth

Heavy Duty Canvas Drop Cloth

Cleaning clothes after a paint job shouldn’t be a hassle with the heavy-duty canvas cloth you will be able to wipe down any surface and protect your valuables from getting stained by paint. These cloths are made of heavy-duty cotton canvas fabric constructed with 'Triple AAA' grade canvas. It has the capacity to repel the messiest paint spills, protects carpets and flooring, durable, long-lasting and reusable.

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