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Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol 23 Plus RE

Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol 23 Plus RE is a translucent topcoat for Cetol 1 RE. It offers a greater degree of protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light in areas of high elevation or intense sunlight. The secret is an unprecedented use of two UV-absorbing materials, widely dispersed and permanently fixed into the surface film. Cetol 23 Plus firmly retains its elasticity making it the ideal translucent topcoat for exterior siding applications.

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The Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol 23 Plus RE is the topcoat to match with the Sikkens Cetol 1 RE basecoat. Combined, they provide the ultimate protection and color retention for an exterior wood surface.

The addition of this coat in a system ensures a strong line of defense against the sun and elements. The UV protection of this topcoat cannot be matched by any other brand. It provides the same level of protection for any angle or light intensity. The UV-absorbing materials create lasting protection and the highest level of quality. The Cetol 23 Plus will handle anything nature can throw at you.

At, you'll find five major tones from the Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus RE line. We carry natural oak, mahogany, cedar, natural, and teak. You also can purchase a Cetol maintenance gallon. This is useful to achieve a slight darkening effect while still providing lasting protection. is a proud supplier of Sikkens products. For any questions on this great brand, give us a call. We're happy to help you make your next staining project a success.