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Modern Masters Metallic Paint

This product line has been the industry standard in Metallic Paint for more than a decade! There is a color for every project in our 47 standard colors, which include 5 unique, sheer colors.

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Modern Masters Metallic paint contains real metal particles or flakes. These particles render a smooth, reflective shimmer when dried. This product works well on most surfaces or projects. It looks especially pleasing on accent walls and restored furniture.
Metallic paints are available for a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces. The paint is suitable for walls, ceilings, trims, doors, and furniture. However, it is not limited to home applications. The high-sheen makes it perfect for professional spaces, too. It's common in luxury spaces, offices, and high-end businesses. It can provide a fresh new look for any project or home renovation.
At, we can provide the best metallic paint selection for your needs. We have available many color combinations and finishes. Our wide selection of Modern Masters Metallic Paint color choices range from the standard Gold to Silver and Bronze. Other popular choices include chocolate shimmer and aged shades of metallics.
With a wide range of surface applications and a unique finish, Modern Masters metallic paint is truly versatile. It’s no surprise that this type of paint is one of the most on-trend finishes today.
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