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China Bristle Ox-Ear Bristle

Corona China Bristle & Ox-Ear Hair Blend We select the finest China bristles and blend them with Ox-Ear hair, which is remarkably thinner and softer than the finest bristle. This outstanding line of brushes is offered in three different blends of China bristle and Ox-Ear hair to provide ample choices to painters.

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Here at, we offer Corona china bristle and ox-ear blend paint brushes. These bristles are made from fine china bristles blended with ox-ear hair to offer a soft and flexible brush for all of your painting projects.
Your paint projects require the highest quality paint brushes, and that is why we offer Corona china bristle and ox-ear blend brushes for all of your painting needs.
These brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as three different blends, so painters have many choices. We offer all of the shapes and sizes that you could hope for on our website.
Our selection of Corona brushes is priced competitively to ensure that you will get the best deal on your project. In fact, our site features product descriptions, specifications, and comparisons of the list price to our guaranteed lower price. With us, you always get the best deal.
At, we strive to keep a plentiful stock of paint brushes that offer the highest quality for your project. You will be able to choose Corona brush styles that are guaranteed to provide sleek and precise paint jobs for any project.