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ZAR Wood Stains, Sealers, and Tools

Anybody who needs to treat wood will want stain and sealer, but this isn't enough to do the job since you also have to make sure you have sufficient supplies of tools to actually get the job done. If you've ever started up a job without having everything you needed to finish it, then you're probably nodding your head in agreement. However, ZAR has you covered when it comes to getting everything finished.

In fact, their designers have put together a line that should take care of everything for you. ZAR® offers an unbeatable combination of rich color, superior performance and reliable durability, in interior and exterior finishes. At we've made sure to create a full-sized collection of all their products so that you can be sure you'll get the stains and sealers you need as well as the tools you need to apply them.

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ZAR Wood Stains

At their most basic, ZAR wood stains will color and protect the wood that they're applied to. However, you can now find a wide variety of different color choices to work with. That means you don't have to necessarily cover each piece of furniture or banister in the project you're working with the same exact color. That being said, their innovations have gone far beyond simply adjusting the color that's provided.

UGL ZAR Oil-Based Wood StainUGL ZAR Oil-Based Wood Stain is perhaps one of the more revolutionary products that the company has put out in recent years.

It wipes on just like it was furniture polish and therefore adds a nice uniform color to the wood that doesn't look darker or lighter in different spots. Since it uses a specially controlled penetration formula, UGL stain doesn't leave streaks or those weird marks that you might have gotten used to with old-fashioned stains.

While some of the color varieties will look different on oak compared to pine, the darker ones have a more uniform look to them. That gives it some unique qualities that should really appeal to those staining treasured pieces that need to have a completely even look to them. Best of all, this kind of special stain should last for quite some time and hold up against a fair amount of usage too.

A number of other wood stain options are always offered by ZAR as well, so you'll want to keep an eye on any developments that they eventually come out with. We'll make sure to always stock their latest products.

Once you have a stain that you like, you'll want to make sure that you invest in some sealers to help protect your work.

ZAR Sealers

Sealers are going to be especially important for anyone who plans on putting a coat on something outdoors. Those who have to deal with a deck or anything else that's going to be exposed to the elements will surely want to invest in this kind of wood covering technology.

Consider the UGL ZAR® Exterior Water-Based Polyurethane sealer, for instance, which offers great protection for any wood that's got to bake under the direct ultraviolet rays of the sun and may have to endure all sorts of other maladies. Keep in mind that changes in temperature and humidity normally aren't all that kind to wood, so this can be an important consideration for those who plan on sealing a deck that's located anywhere that has a measurable winter.

ZAR Painting Tools

Once you have all of the stain and other products you're going to use in hand, you'll still need to invest in a few tools to help you get them on the surfaces that you had planned. Check out something like a wood graining tool from ZAR, which can create a realistic-looking wood grain effect on painted wood as well as on materials as diverse as metal and plastic.

Creative individuals have long used this sort of tool to make a metal door look as though it were wood. The technique needed to use it efficiently is rather simple and can be mastered relatively quickly. Others have turned to it in order to emulate the look of wood on everything from cabinets to various pieces of furniture.