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Duckback’s premium quality stains and sealers are designed to help you get more from the time that you spend outdoors. Their innovative products for exterior wood, concrete and composite surfaces have been expertly formulated to protect and beautify the surfaces that create your outdoor space. Safe and easy to apply, all Duckback Products deliver professional quality results and add dimension and sheen to your outdoor surfaces.

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Outdoor projects call for special products. Fortunately, can supply you with all of the outdoor painting products you need. This includes everything from paint and brushes, to stains and sealers.
If you are painting a deck or other exterior areas, you need the best stains and sealers to get the most for your hard work. We recognize this and that is why we have an extensive collection of Duckback stains and sealers.
These products are designed for you to get the most of your time outdoors. The products are specifically made for exterior surfaces of wood, composite, and concrete. The stains and sealers liven up any outdoor space while also being easy to apply. provides professional results with these Duckback options.
The Duckback options also come in different shades so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Any outdoor space will look better with these options. Plus, we know you are always looking for the best deal. We price all of our products, including Duckback, at an affordable rate. We know home improvement equipment adds up, so we strive to offer products suitable for any budget.
Take a look at each of our Duckback products below, and you will find plenty of options for different types of projects!