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Proform Stiff Paint Brushes

Incorporates PBT filaments with added PET for strength and "pop". Great for rough surfaces and paint with high concentrations of pigments and solids. This filament design and construction works in areas of high humidity and temperature, which can make any brush not perform well. Great for either oil or water based medium. Cleans easily.

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Proform stiff paint brushes boast resilience and convenience. The classic PBT filaments make painting and cleaning easier. The proprietary PET blend delivers extra strength. Stiff brushes are perfect for rough surfaces. They work well with paints that contain highly-concentrated solids and pigments. In areas with high humidity and temperature, typical paint brushes lose their rigidity. But with a unique filament construction and design, Proform stiff brushes retain their stiffness. is a proud supplier for Proform products. We only carry brands we trust. It's how we ensure quality products for valued customers. Our selection of stiff paint brushes offers various angles and sizes. These make any paint job easier and faster to complete. They provide a better finish than similar products on the market. Whether the paint is oil or water-based, these products will do the job. They are easy to clean, making them convenient for every painter.

The Proform stiff brushes deliver a beautiful, long-lasting finish. Resilience and high-quality are integral in every part of the design. For a reliable series of paint brush, you can't go wrong with Proform. Shop our selection today. If you have any questions, please give our friendly team a call. We are on-hand to advise and answer your inquiries. Let us help you make your next project a success!