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Modern Masters Metallic Plaster

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster creates a beautiful shimmering stone finish. Easy to use, with a durable finish. Colors can be intermixed.

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Modern Masters is one of the leading retailers for water-based paints in the world. They are a leading brand for a variety of paint, glazes, varnishes and more.
At, we are pleased to bring you the full line of Modern Masters metallic plasters. Our large selection offers a variety of colors. Best of all, we can offer these items at very affordable prices.
This kind of plaster is perfect for finishing off paint jobs without too much tedious handy-work. The plaster creates a smooth aesthetic. The metallic plaster leaves a shimmering finish.
Perhaps you want a glowing tone to your new kitchen with a rich red? Or maybe the iced blue catches your eye for a luxurious bathroom? Whatever finishing touch you’re going for, we have metallic plaster paints to help you attain a perfect paint job.
At, we aim to make our selection as varied as possible and our delivery reliable. For such a high quality and high brand plaster paint, you can’t go wrong!