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Corona Black Nylon Paint Brush

The Corona Black Nylon paint brush is the original synthetic brush filament.  Black nylon was developed just before World War II and gained wide use in the next decade with the growth in use with water-based paints. Deep flagg tips are created in-house for super smooth paint finishing. A hand-formed chisel provides sharp, accurate cutting-in and preserves the flaggs.

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When you shop at our store, you have open access to a huge assortment of different paint brushes. We have something for every type of painter out there, from small decoration projects to large scale remodeling efforts.
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The Corona Black Nylon Paint Brushes offered on our site are made with trusted synthetic nylon. Before they ever arrive at your door, they are thoroughly checked for quality. When you order with us, you can expect only the best materials for the job.
If you want to take the final steps towards making your project professional, Corona Black Nylon Paint Brushes are the way to go. Deep flagg tips create smooth finishes and are custom made in-house.
Our Corona Black Nylon Brushes feature several different angles, all with a hand-formed chisel for accurate strokes. We also have multiple shapes and sizes available when you shop with us, like the Sand Tex for large-scale jobs.