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AllAmerican brushes have been designed and constructed with an exclusive new tri-filament formulation to work in all paints. The thin construction and lightweight hardwood handles offer very comfortable balance and ‘feel’ – a new level of quality paint application and tool comfort from Corona

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At, we keep a great stock of Corona AllAmerican paint brushes, perfect for a veriety of projects. These are, of course, all American made and manufactured. The brushes are designed with a new tri-filament formula, so these brushes can be used with every type of paint. That way you don’t need specific brush sets for different projects.

The products are all designed with extremely lightweight hardwood handles. It’s as if you are holding a pencil. The feel of these brushes allows you to get a perfect paint job on the first try.

We have three Corona AllAmerican brushes in stock. These allow you to get the trim perfect, down to the details. You won’t have to worry about stray paint or the brush wasting your materials. Next is the straight brush, which is perfect for general projects. Finally, the angled brush allows you to work those sections of walls that straight brushes can’t reach.