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Bestt Liebco Professional Covers

BESTT LIEBCO Rollers. Fabric is combed, beveled and vacuumed, Then epoxy set on phenolic core to resist matting, shedding and linting. Full-Bodied specially formulated fabric for maximum paint pickup and release. Solvent resistant heavy-duty phenolic core.

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At, we have a wide range of Bestt Liebco professional covers. Professional contractors trust these rollers to accomplish large-scale jobs.

We offer Bestt Liebco’s line of Tru-Pro rollers. The Tru-Pro rollers are some of the most versatile ones in the industry. You can use these heavy-duty rollers with nearly any enamel or paint. They allow for maximum paint pickup and release, which makes completing bigger jobs easier. They eliminate splattering and matting, so you’re left with an even finish every time. Enjoy covers made from a variety of materials, like mohair, woven, and maize knit fabric.

The Tru-Pro Frieze cover is meant for use with wallpaper paste, epoxies, and fiberglass resins.

We have you covered for hard-to-reach walls. Bestt Liebco’s frame sets come in varying lengths. Get up to a 14-inch reach. These frames are made with patented welded construction, which makes them ready for heavy use.

For your biggest jobs, Bestt Liebco has an 18-inch non-adjustable rigid yoke. It’s threaded for standard poles and includes endcap inserts.

At, we help contractors complete professional and industrial work with only the finest products. Shop our collection today.