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Corona Roller Frames & Sleeves

Corona Roller Frames and Sleeves are top of the line professional frames, available for standard and jumbo diameter roller covers, are unique in concept and construction. Using the highest quality materials, Corona manufacturer roller covers for all types of coatings, surfaces, and conditions.

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At you will find everything you need and more when it comes to your painting project requirements. A great finished product relies heavily on the materials and supplies used. We are here to bring you the best on the market at affordable prices!

When shopping for roller frames and sleeves, we like to go with Corona. This is a top-of-the-line brand that offers products to both professional painters and homeowners who like the challenge DIY projects bring.

On our site, you’ll find roller covers for all types of surfaces, coatings, and conditions. No matter the size of your project, Corona offers standard and jumbo diameter roller covers for your convenience. Everything you need, from rollers to frames and even extension poles, can be found right here with us.

We have something in store for every type of product, budget, or skill level. Corona offers roller frames and sleeves in different shapes and sizes. Makes include TuffPro, Yankee, among others. Each one of our listed items includes a detailed product description that covers size, price, and intended use.

Whatever it is you’re looking for; we have something for you! Start shopping today!