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Purdy Ox-Hair Paint Brushes

Ox-Hair is the softest, most supple natural animal hair used in PURDY® handcrafted brushes. Specially formulated and carefully blended with their softest White China bristle for just the right amount of resiliency, these extraordinary paint brushes are perfect for ultra-fine enamel and varnish projects where an extremely smooth, exquisite finish is desired. Whether it’s fine artist work, enameling or staining of doors, fine smooth furniture, cabinetry or baseboards, nothing can match the mirror finish provided by these extra soft bristle brushes.

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Purdy Ox-Hair Paint Brushes are the pinnacle of excellence in premium paint brushes. Crafted with the softest and most supple natural animal hair available, these brushes are a testament to Purdy's commitment to quality. With a perfect blend of Ox-Hair and their softest White China bristle, these brushes offer unrivaled resiliency and deliver an exquisite finish that is second to none.

Whether you're a fine artist working on delicate details or a professional looking to achieve a flawless mirror finish, Purdy Ox-Hair Paint Brushes are your go-to choice. The ultra-fine bristles ensure smooth application of enamel and varnish, resulting in a finish that is truly exceptional.

Designed for precision and versatility, these brushes are ideal for a wide range of projects. From enameling and staining doors to creating fine smooth furniture, cabinetry, or baseboards, Purdy Ox-Hair Paint Brushes provide the finesse and control needed to achieve outstanding results.

As a trusted brand with over 18 years of experience, proudly offers these premium brushes at wholesale prices. We understand that you value reliability and expertise, which is why we have carefully selected Purdy as one of our trusted partners.

Experience the difference that Purdy Ox-Hair Paint Brushes can make in your next project. Elevate your craftsmanship to new heights with the softest bristles on the market and achieve a flawless finish that will leave others in awe. Trust the brush that professionals rely on and choose Purdy Ox-Hair Paint Brushes.

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