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Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol 1 RE

Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol 1 RE is a translucent exterior wood basecoat to be used with Cetol 23 Plus RE. When used as a system, this product provides a durable, rich film that will protect from harmful UV rays and minimize peeling and blistering. The inclusion of translucent iron oxide pigments and UV absorbers gives excellent UV protection and color retention.

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The Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol 1 RE is a fantastic translucent stain. You can use it for a variety of exterior wooden surfaces. This basecoat is your first line of defense when protecting the outside of any wooden surface. Along with the Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus RE, this series creates durable, lasting protection.

Here at, you will find five different tones of the Cetol 1 RE finish. We carry their natural oak, mahogany, cedar, teak, and natural finishes. Each provides the perfect finish and protection for wooden exteriors.

These basecoats ensure durable protection from long-term weather exposure. They provide powerful defense against harmful UV rays. Staining a deck with constant exposure to sunlight? No problem. The Cetol 1RE boasts superior color retention. The benefits don't stop there. This product will prevent peeling or blistering paint over time. All this protection is possible because of the iron oxide pigments in Sikkens ProLuxe.

Depending on your project, you can order a single gallon or a box. Either option guarantees you'll find a great deal. At, we are pleased to offer all our products at competitive prices. Shop our selection today, and if you have any questions, please, get in touch!