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Corona MightyPro brushes are built to meet the needs of institutional and commercial maintenance painters, simultaneously providing performance and exceptional value.Full stock in three types of materials: Nylon/Polyester blends for all paints, black China bristle for alkyd and oil-based paints, and white China bristle for stains, varnishes, urethanes, and other alkyd coatings.

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At, we offer several products that are intended for casual use in the home. But we also specialize in materials designed for professionals. Our Corona Mighty Pro brushes are one of our best products for intermediate to expert painters.
If you’re a professional painter in need of a quality brush for your next job, come to us. Our collection of Mighty Pro is exactly what you’re looking for. Browse through our product pages to explore a wide variety of options.
When you visit one of our product pages, you will be able to read detailed product descriptions. They’re there to help you determine which brushes should be paired with which task for the best results.
All of our Mighty Pro brushes are made using quality materials. They come in black China bristle, polyester/nylon, and white China bristle. Before they reach our customers, our brushes are evaluated to make sure they meet your standards.
Our Corona Mighty Pro brushes are an exceptional value. They’re affordable, and of high quality.
For the finest paint brushes for residential or commercial work, has you covered. We will help you get more out of the tools you depend on.