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From the start of our company in 1919, a constant thread has woven the foundation of Bona. Our values of passion, performance and pioneering are present in everything we do from our products to our company culture to our sustainable business practices. It’s not only how we operate the business, it’s how we interact in the world

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Bona understands that your floor is an important part of your space. That's why all Bona products are specifically engineered with the utmost care and consideration for your floor's needs. Their commitment to excellence means that you can trust their products to provide the best possible care for your studio or any indoor space. Not only are our products safe for use in your home, but they are also environmentally friendly, ensuring that you can clean your floors without compromising on sustainability. With Bona, you can have peace of mind knowing that every cleaning solution we offer is of the highest quality, guaranteeing that your floors will be treated with the utmost care and attention they deserve.
Although founded with hardwood floors in mind, Bona has created a wide range of products designed specifically for tile and laminate floors too. No matter your hard-surface flooring, your floor can benefit from a Bona product.

These cleaners are available individually and in bulk. Save by buying in bulk and be prepared to clean up large-scale messes. We also offer high and low gloss polishes that protect your floor without any waxy build-up.

Need some additional equipment to keep your home pristine? We have a 3 piece kit that includes cleaner and a microfiber mop and dusting pad. If needed, the mop and cleaning pad are sold separately. Finish off your tidying with a microfiber dusting pad. This microfiber dusting pad picks up household allergens and microparticles, so you can work in a dust-free environment.

At, we strive to supply you with everything you need to keep your floor sparkling. Check out our Bona products below.