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The takes pride in stocking the most prestigious brands of paints and painting supplies at the most affordable prices for business and retail customers. Whether you are a contractor or homeowner in need of supplies for do-it-yourself painting projects, we strongly recommend products by Kilz, a respected brand of paint primer and sealer solutions for preparing and protecting surfaces prior to applying paint.

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Kilz Original Primer and Sealer

Kilz is an all-American brand with a proven track record of quality. The history of Kilz dates back to the early 1960s; the company started off as a small paint store in Missouri before the owner introduced a new kind of primer manufactured by the Masterchem corporation in 1974. Kilz paint primer quickly became a favorite among painting contractors; by the early 1980s, the company was operating two large manufacturing plants for nationwide distribution.

Kilz Original Primer has not changed its formula. To this day, this combination paint primer and paint sealer is regarded as the best solution for interior and exterior surfaces in terms of preventing stains and sealing out unpleasant odors from smoke, grease, and pet secretions.

Why Painting Professionals Trust Kilz

For decades, painting contractors have preferred Kilz primer for its adhesion and sealing properties. Kilz paint primer is easy to apply and dries very quickly; it can be used on drywall, masonry, concrete, wood, plaster, metal, and even wallpaper. When you are looking for a smooth enamel finish, Kilz primer should be your first choice. Kilz works with oil or latex paints; for better results when using oil-based paint, choose Kilz Complete for a better application and to prevent mold.

Kilz General Purpose Wall Primer

When your project mostly involves interior walls and latex paint, Kilz General Purpose will make your life easier. This paint primer glides and sticks to surfaces very easily; it dries after 30 minutes to firmly seal the first coat of paint, thus allowing you to apply the second coat after one hour. If you have uneven textures even after sanding down and patching up walls, this primer will help you to make the surface smoother.

Kilz Spray-On Primer Products

Projects that require overhead painting or spot work can be improved with Kilz Upshot and Kilz Original Aerosol. Contractors trust Kilz Upshot when they work on projects such as painting the ceiling of restaurant kitchens that have been stained by grease and smoke. Kilz Original Aerosol is a multipurpose primer and sealer that can be used on interior and exterior surfaces; it offers the same formulation as the original primer, and the short profile of the can make it ideal for cabinets, siding, interior panels, and corners.

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Should you have any questions about the Kilz line of paint primers and sealants, do not hesitate to contact today. Browse our online catalog for more paint products and supplies and find out why we are the leading discount paint and painting supplies store in the United States.