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Masking Tape is the perfect companion for any painter. It effortlessly adheres to surfaces without leaving residue. Its thin and easy-to-tear paper is available in a variety of widths, making it ideal for detailed projects. We offer a wide selection of painter's tapes to meet your needs.  Protect your projects every time with Masking Tape!

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Every painter, no matter the project, will need to have a roll of quality masking tape on hand. Masking tape can keep your work clean and sharp. When you have the right tape, you'll never have to worry about paint ending up where you don't want it. carries brands that offer the longest-lasting, strongest-adhesive masking tape. Scotch, Intertape, and Gorilla are just a few of the high-quality brands we offer on our online store.'s vast selection of masking tape for painting is always available to order online. That's what makes us America’s Leading Discount Paint & Painting Supplies Superstore. Our wholesale pricing also ensures dependable masking tape for a low price. We have great deals on paint, paint brushes, paint trays, spray paint, and all the painting supplies you need for your project.