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When you’re working on any sort of paint project, keeping safety a priority is crucial to a smooth execution. At, we know that getting your safety equipment in order before working is just as important to you as it is to us. We’re proud to offer a diverse collection of gear and tools to protect any painter at any level. Whether you provide professional painting services, or you like to get creative in your spare time, proper protection should never be neglected.

In this category, you’ll find protective glasses, respirators, ear plugs, vests, gloves, and more to mitigate just about every risk possible. Choose from well-known and trusted brands like 3M, AOSafety, Hygrade, and Sperian.

We work to provide the best paint-centric safety products to our customers. Not only do we offer many options of safety equipment, but we also strive to offer them at an affordable prices.

Search through our varied safety product options and you’ll be sure to find something that keeps you safe without breaking the bank.