Modern Masters Decorative Painter's Tintable Glaze DP608

Modern Masters Decorative Painter's Tintable Glaze DP608

Modern Masters Decorative Painter's Tintable Glaze (Scumble) Quart

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This translucent and durable water base glaze has a one-hour "open time," with optimum viscosity for maintaining textures on vertical surfaces.

Use for any decorative paint/faux finish where universal tints (not paint) are used to color the glaze, such as Marbling, Wood Graining, Exotic Mineral, Bone, Hide and Overglazing.

 Clean up with soap and water.

Applicator: Brush, Roller, and other Decorative Painters Tools

Coverage: 150-250 sq. ft./qt. (14-18 m2/946 ml)

Surface Preparation – Tintable Glaze should be applied over a previously painted and fully cured, 100% acrylic semi-gloss latex surface. The surface should be clean and sound.
Note: Not intended for use over oil base finishes.

Application – The thicker Tintable Glaze is applied, the longer it will stay “open” and workable. Generally the glaze will stay “open” for one hour, depending on color concentration, film thickness and humidity. The cooler and more humid the air, the longer the glaze will stay wet. When working in hot, dry climates or when more “open” time is desired, add Modern Masters Extender for Latex Paint to the Tintable Glaze.

Protection – Do not clean an unprotected glazed surface with harsh chemicals. Surfaces that will be handled should be protected with two coats of Modern Masters Dead Flat or Satin Varnish for interior surfaces. All exterior surfaces should be protected with Exterior Dead Flat Varnish.Follow the instructions on the container label.

Dry Times – The colored glaze will dry to an eggshell sheen in approximately 3 hours and fully cure in 36 hours.

Coverage – Approximately 150 to 200 square feet per qt.

Clean Up – Clean tools, brushes and equipment with warm, soapy water immediately after use. Promptly wipe up spills and splatters with a damp cloth.

Modern Masters Decorative Painter's Tintable Glaze DP608

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