Top 3 Painting Supplies for DIY Home Improvement Projects

Top 3 Painting Supplies for DIY Home Improvement Projects

Painting is one of the easiest and most effective projects homeowners can undertake to improve the look of their properties. From complete interior painting projects to accent walls and from selecting a new color for the ceiling to breathing new life into old furniture, carries an entire catalog of painting supplies to make your projects easier. For the most part, do-it-yourself painting projects are inexpensive and do not take too long to complete, but they can be extremely rewarding.

Painting Supplies for Prep WorkPistol - Grip Scraper

Experienced painting contractors will tell you that preparing living spaces and surfaces is the most important step of the project. You want to start off by transforming the living space into a painting workplace. Once you select the color scheme and measure the surface area, think about the amount of paint plus all the supplies you will need before moving furniture around. The idea is to have everything you will need on hand prior to moving furniture and prepping the surface. To this effect, offers items such as pistol-grip scrapers with knobs, utility knives, paint removers and many others.

Painting Supplies for Patching Things Up

A good painting project requires a smooth surface that is free of holes, scratches, and uneven sections. carries a full line of silicone, caulking, spackle, and other items necessary for patching. When you need to prepare a surface down to its bare constituent material, you will want to take a look at our line of sandpaper and fine prep tools.

Paint Supplies for Edging Work

Even though some contractors develop an even painting hand that allows them to always stay within the lines, they will never start a project without defining the edges with masking tape and film. One highly recommended brand is the legendary Scotch Blue Painter’s Masking Tape; should you be handling exterior surfaces, you will want Shurtape UV Stucco Masking Tape.Masking Tape

Finishing and Fancy Work Painting Supplies

Edgers and trimmers will let you distribute the paint evenly in the most uncomfortable and hard-to-reach sections of the surface. At, we carry a full line of mini rollers, corner pad painters, trimmers, edgers, and other specialty tools that let you keep straight edges and stay within the lines each and every time. The Wooster line of paintbrushes have a very soft, yet very durable, bristle cut at angles to allow fine control over your brushing motion. If you feel confident with your brush stroke, a ProForm blockhead brush will let you cover wide areas without the need for a roller.

Get Your Painting Supplies from

When you are ready to take on a do-it-yourself painting project, will be ready to take your order for supplies. Our company enjoys a solid track record among contractors and homeowners who have taken advantage of our wholesale prices for years.