Top 8 Wholesale Paint Brushes at

Top 8 Wholesale Paint Brushes

You won't be able to do much painting work without a brush or roller, but you probably won't be able to do much more than that if you've got the inferior gear. Take a look at this list of the top eight wholesale paintbrushes on the market, and you'll be sure to walk away with some equipment that you can definitely use to get the job done regardless of what kind of painting you planned on tackling. We asked the experts at ThePaintStore for their favorite options when putting the list together, so you can be sure that these brushes Corona Brushwill hold up to even your toughest jobs.

If you're looking for a very traditional brush with a tin ferrule and a wooden handle that can be disposed of when the project's done, then you'll certainly want to look into Chip Brushes. A number of other economy brushes, some of which can be more easily cleaned, have also come onto market over the years and that's made them an attractive option too for those who want to get wholesale applicators at a great price.

Purdy paint brushes are among the better options for both professionals and novices who need to clean and clear strokes every single time they paint a surface.

Originally established way back in 1851, the Wooster company is among the oldest paint applicator firms in the country. Over time, they've been able to put together an incredibly diverse product offering as a result.

Due to their professionally designed and engineered materials, many painters have said that ArroWorthy brushes are the best that they've tried. Each of these brushes features rust-resistant threaded nails holding together a ferrule made of stainless steel. On top of this, they feature super-fine tips that improve paint pick-up and offer a great even smooth paint release. They're even made with solvent-resistant epoxy, which further helps to increase their already legendary strength.

5. Corona

Every Corona brush is handmade in the United States out of professional-grade material. While they're made from fine raw substances to ensure that they're durable, they're still affordable enough for anyone who needs a supply of brushes to tackle a do-it-yourself project on their own homestead.

All of Bestt Liebco's brushes feature materials taken from a very small pool of the best ones the manufacturer can find. This might sound very particular, and in fact, it is. It's precisely the reason that the company can offer smooth, drag-free paint applications time and time again. For quite some time, painters have referred to the brushes as offering the perfect blend of stiffness and flexibility for every job they do. On top of this, their brushes offer a crisp cut-in capability that gives you the freedom to paint in even the smallest areas.

While Proform might be a newer firm than many of the others on this list, they've aggressively manufactured and marketed their products. That means they've started to develop a reputation for offering competitively priced equipment without any drop in quality. That's a really bold thing to say considering just how much competition there is in the world of paintbrushes, but they're in a position to make that claim.

Finding the Best Brushes for Your Particular Painting Jobs

At this point, you might have thought of one or more of these options that's a favorite, but as always, we invite you to continue exploring all of them. On the other hand, anyone who doesn't know what the best piece of gear for their specific use case is can be sure to visit our online contact form and tell us more about their specific needs. Our seasoned representatives will do everything they can to help you find the best brush no matter what kind of surfaces you're painting. While there might not be one solution that fits every single user's needs, there's a great chance that we'll be able to hook you up with some painting equipment that does exactly what you need in order to finish even the most complex and large projects.