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Roller Frames

Roller frames are the perfect tool for quickly and evenly applying paint, stain, or other finishes to large areas. With an independent spinning cage, handled frame, and end caps, these reusable tools are designed to reduce your painting time and effort. Make easy work of your next project with a high-quality paint roller frame!

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61 Products offers brand name paint roller frames such as Purdy, Corona, and Wooster, which are top of the line in the industry. These roller frames are offered in countless shapes and sizes so that any need for any project can be met.

We offer a variety of paint roller frames, ranging from high quality, professional adjustable frames to more affordable roller frames.

The benefit of an adjustable frame is that you can change the size to fit any roller you have. If your project is simple in nature, then a non-adjustable, more affordable option like a large, heavy-duty frame will do the job just fine. The Corona R-675 paint roller frame is a great multi-length frame alternative, at a very affordable price.

Other items provide a range of durability, longevity, ease of motion, and comfort of grip. The Purdy Wood Handle Frame features finger grooves that provide all-day comfort if you are working long hours on a project. strives to offer the best quality products available at an affordable price. By offering a large variety of products, we can provide you with the tools you need to complete your project.