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Wooster Minirollers & Trimmers

Wooster's minirollers and trimmers are designed with the same exacting standards as their larger counterparts. These are great for tight spaces, doors, cabinets, furniture, trim or any area a lightweight roller is required.

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Standard rollers and trimmers can be useful, but sometimes you need something a little more compact. Take a look at our Wooster mini models!

Less equals more when it comes to Wooster mini rollers and trimmers. Just like with our standard versions, these come with the same high quality you expect from Wooster. They are built-to-last and are up for any task you have at hand.

Why would you go with the mini versions over the standard models? Well, they serve a different purpose than their larger counterparts which are meant for covering larger surface areas. These products' small frames mean they're useful for tasks such as painting tighter corners.

The lightweight design and maneuverability make it easy to navigate even the most awkwardly shaped cabinets. Wooster mini rollers and trimmers allow you to pay attention to detail and get it right the first time.

Additional perks to these mini tools included being easy to clean and store. The best part? Through, you get materials such as these for wholesale prices.

We have all the products you’ll need, as the trusted Wooster brand provides everything from foam covers to the actual frame. Once you start using them, you’ll wonder how you ever got your projects done without them!