Jasco Liquid Mask & Sealer

Jasco Liquid Mask & Seal

Jasco Liquid Mask & Seal Gallon

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Mask & Seal is formulated for professional use, but is great for the homeowner looking for a professional and easy finish on window and door trim. Mask & Seal allows you to skip the steps of masking and cleaning glass in both windows and doors by allowing you to prime the frames and mask in one easy step. This also gives you the added feature of sealing the windows against drafts and water damage. After peeling away the Mask & Seal, you are left with clean glass and no adhesive residue.
Directions for use:

PREPARATIONS: Stir before using. Brush or spray on. Trim should be clean, deglossed and ready for painting.

MASK & SEAL will peel off glass and most smooth, uncoated flat metal surfaces or glossy painted trim.


1. BRUSH on thick coat one inch wide to glass and on to edge of trim or SPRAY entire window area. Apply only when surface temperature is between 40 to 90º F. Reapply if too thin to peel. Paper can be stuck to WET MASK & SEAL on the glass edge to protect from paint overspray…do not stick to trim.  2. After MASK & SEAL changes color from white to clear (approx. 30 minutes), apply paint (oil or latex) to trim and edge of glass to seal. Let paint dry.

REMOVE: Notch and cut carefully along the edge of the trim. Peel paint off the glass now or within a month or two. Peels best when cool.

WEATHERPROOFING: Brush on two applications to edge of trim and glass.

CLEANUP: Wash tools and hands with water

COVERAGE: Gallon: BRUSH—1" x 3000 linear feet

SPRAY: 256 sq.ft. (thin with water, if needed)


HELPFUL TIPS: Test all surfaces in an inconspicuous place for compatibility and finish quality before using.  Test older glass for peel-ability if it is showing scratches, hazing or pitting, before general use.

Do not use on coated, tinted, stained, etched, pitted or plastic glass. DO NOT USE UNDER LACQUER COATINGS.

The “Directions for Use” are included to help you better understand the product. However, they do not provide you with all of the information needed to use the product safely and effectively. Prior to using any of Jasco's products, you should always read the entire label including all cautions.

Jasco Liquid Mask & Sealer

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