Jomaps M-1 Deck & Roof Cleaner 00452

Jomaps M-1 Deck & Roof Cleaner 00452

Jomaps M-1 Deck & Roof Cleaner Gallon 00452

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M-1 Deck and Roof Cleaner is a concentrate that dilutes 9:1 with water and is designed to clean the dirtiest wood decks and fencing in the fastest and easiest way possible. M-1 Deck and Roof Cleaner Concentrate removes dirt, grease, grime, tree stains, pollen, pollution, mildew, algae stains and weathering. It restores original color to wood.

Cleans and restores. Makes decks and fences look new. Will not harm grass or shrubs. Needs no brushing or scrubbing. Cleans vinyl siding and fiberglass. Can be used with a pressure washer.

A gallon cut 9:1 will cover 2000 sq. ft. If stronger mix is needed for severe jobs, use 8:1. For best results a minimum of 300 psi of water pressure is needed for rinsing. A water hose is not sufficient to clean decks or fences. Use a small, low pressure pressure washer to achieve desired results.

Shake Well Before Mixing with Water - To make one gallon of ready to use cleaner mix 13 ounces of concentrate with water. Once mixed with water no further shaking is needed. Apply a generous coat of mix to surface with a pump-up type garden sprayer and set on a strong spray or run dilution mix through pressure washer without diluting further. Spray entire surface to prevent streaking. If garden sprayer is used, keep pressure high at all times. Hold tip within 12 inches of surface. Wait 10 minutes and pressure wash, cutting pressure low enough so wood will not be harmed.

To Clean Wooden Decks / Fences - Spray on mix, wait 10 minutes, rinse per above directions. Original color will return to wood when dry. Use care walking on steps not yet rinsed.

To remove old paint, stain or sealer from deck - Spray on 4:1 mix, wait 10 minutes. Wet deck with water, wait 10 minutes then pressure wash.

Note - Do not use on painted or stained surfaces. Do not allow to dry on glass, may leave white streaks. White streaks on glass windows are easily removed from the glass with OO steel wool and water. Test on new wood for discoloration. Sprayed surfaces are slick, walk with care. Keep off bare aluminum, and protect painted, stained and sealed surfaces from over spray and runoff.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Avoid contact with skin. Suggested clothing includes long sleeved shirts, long pants, socks, water proof and rubber sole shoes or boots, safety goggles and rubber gloves.

• 60% Cheaper To Use Than Any Other Cleaner
• 1 Gal. Cut 9:1 Cleans 2,000 sq. ft
• Restores Natural Color to Wood
• Will Not Harm Grass or Shrubs
• Makes Decks Look Like New
• Needs No Brushing or Scrubbing Biodegradable
• Contains No Bleach, Solvents, Acids Or Phosphates

- Cleans & Restores -
Cleans all types of wood
Removes Dirt, Pollen, Mildew and Algae Stains
• Restores Original Color to Wood
• For Use On Woods
• Fencing
• Decks
• Log Cabins
• Cedar & Redwood Gazebos
• Treated Pine Deck

Jomaps M-1 Deck & Roof Cleaner 00452

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