PC Super Epoxy 01661

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PC Super Epoxy 1oz 01661

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PC-Super Epoxy® is a non-drip translucent paste epoxy with unlimited uses in bonding, sealing, and as a filler for most materials. From Homeowners, Do-It-yourselfers, and professionals such as stair installers, PC-Super Epoxy® is the perfect all-around adhesive!

This paste epoxy was formulated to be extremely versatile, flexible, and resilient with enormous strength. Unlike our other paste epoxies PC-Super Epoxy® is designed to be fast curing. PC-Super Epoxy® has a viscosity similar to Vaseline making overhead and sidewall work easy without drip or sag. Stair installers just love this product for installing iron balusters.

PC-Super Epoxy® demonstrates excellent chemical resistance to mild acids, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt, and fresh water. Bonds most everything to anything.

***Note: PC-Super Epoxy® will not bond to wax paper, Teflon®, Polyethylene, and some other plastics. There are hundreds of plastics in thousands of combinations. Test a small area when in doubt.

Directions: 1oz syringe * Remove storage cap from plunger and keep available. * Cut tips off end of dispenser (be careful) * Depress plunger evenly to dispense equal amounts of resin and hardener. Back off plunger to reduce flow. * Mix thoroughly on flat surface using a mixing stick or putty knife until blue disappear * Replace storage cap on nozzle

Using separate knives to remove amount needed, mix equal parts A (light yellow) and B (blue) on flat clean surface until uniform color is achieved. Surfaces to be bonded must be free of dirt, oil, rust, ect. Denatured alcohol can be used to prep the surface.

For best results, rough up the surface to be bonded. Normally, no vice or clamp needed. Prop or tape heavy objects to a wall or ceiling. Apply PC-Super Epoxy® in any thickness to both sides of surface and bring together firmly.

Be careful to ensure that ample PC-Super Epoxy® remains between the contact surfaces. Use screen wire or fiberglass cloth to reinforce large voids and gaps. To smooth out work, dip tool in lacquer thinner or denatured alcohol. After cure: Paint Drill, Machine, Sand, File, Tap, or Saw.

PC Super Epoxy 01661

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