Seal-Krete 1 Gal Original Clear Waterproofing Primer/Sealer 100001

Seal-Krete 1 Gal Original Clear Waterproofing Primer/Sealer 100001

Seal-Krete 1 Gal Original Clear Waterproofing Primer/Sealer

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Seal-Krete Original Waterproofing Primer/Sealer is a clear, waterborne, acrylic sealer, primer and binder for vertical concrete, brick, adobe, limestone, masonry and stucco surfaces. Recommended for use on painted aluminum siding, vinyl siding and galvanized metal. It seals and binds chalky surfaces, improving the adhesion of a topcoat. Can be used to help prevent efflorescence, erosion, spalling, rotting and other effects of water penetration. It has low odor, low VOC and is non-hazardous, non-staining and non-flammable. Cleans up with soap and water.
Penetrating clear satin waterproofer primarily for vertical
surfaces; water-based acrylic, low odor and low VOC.

Typical Uses:
Seal brick, stucco & concrete
Rejuvenate old brick & plaster
Brighten aluminum siding
Prime vinyl siding
Bind chalky surface
Paint additive to extend life & coverage
Buffer pH in hot cement
Dustproofing and priming floors

Read all directions thoroughly. Recommended: Wear gloves and
safety glasses.

Surface must be clean and dry. Remove loose paint and
excessive chalk. Repair cracks and surface breaks. Cover windows, doors,
etc. and use caution when applying on windy days.

Read “LIMITATIONS” section before use. This sealer is
ready to use; do not dilute. Apply with a brush, roller or sprayer (garden or
airless). Backroll spray applications to ensure penetration. Apply at least two
coats, allowing two hours dry time between coats. Remove any overspray
immediately with water. Note: Sealer goes on milky white but dries clear.

80–300 sq.ft. per gal., depending on surface porosity. Second
coat application is 50% greater. Two coats are required for waterproofi ng
bare, vertical concrete.

2–4 hours, depending on temperature and humidity.

May be topcoated with latex, oil-based or elastomeric coating
when dry.

Up to 4 oz. colorant per gallon.

4–8 oz. of SEAL-KRETE Original can be mixed with one
gallon of latex paint to improve spread rate.

Clean all tools immediately after use with soap and
water. Store unused product in a dry place above 32°F (0°C). KEEP FROM

Use on above grade vertical surfaces or as a primer on
horizontal surfaces – not for below grade use. Do not apply if rain is expected
within 12 hours or if temperatures fall below 50°F within 24 hours of
application. Do not use on swimming pools, bird baths, water features, cedar,
redwood or in areas where hydrostatic pressure is likely to develop. Do not
use on very porous substrates like low density, decorative block (use SEAL-KRETE Heavy-Duty instead).

Seal-Krete 1 Gal Original Clear Waterproofing Primer/Sealer 100001

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