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Use DeckStrip® Stain & Finish Remover to strip away weathered pigmented stains from exterior wood and prepare underlying surface for re-coating. A universal stain remover for all deck stain types, it is formulated to remove oil base, water base, and alkyd/acrylic blends.

  • Professional strength formula - wetting agent thickener and highest allowable concentration of active ingredient provides maximum stripping power.
  • Safer to use than paint strippers - no methylene chloride or caustic chemicals.
  • Fast and efficient strips one or several layers in just 15 minutes.


Apply with a pump-style sprayer that has no aluminum parts.

One gallon covers approximately 150 sq ft depending on wood type, condition and application method.

Use DeckStrip to strip and restore outdoor wood
decks, fences, siding, shakes and shingles, boat docks &
boardwalks, outdoor furniture & décor, gazebos & arbors,
play sets and more.

Use on all wood types, including pressure treated
lumber, Cedar, Redwood, exotic hardwoods (Mahogany,
Ipé, Teak, etc.), and North American hardwoods.

To strip acrylic or latex deck stains,semi-transparent,
toners, tinted wood protectors or sealers, etc.
select Wolman DeckStrip ASR Acrylic Stain Remover
and use according to label directions.

Before You Start:
Make sure entire wood surface is dry and free of
dust, dirt and debris. If the surface is hot to the touch or in
direct sunlight, dampen with fresh water to cool.
Apply when outside temperatures are above 40°F.
Pre-rinse grass, plants and shrubs surrounding the wood structure
to be stripped, then cover foliage to protect it from exposure to the
product. Mask off siding and cover all wood surfaces not intended to be stripped.
Cover any exposed aluminum surfaces (siding and flashing) to prevent
corrosion. Protect adjacent concrete surfaces from rinse
water. Sweep away surface dirt and debris. Remove any
standing water before beginning application.

Weather Conditions:
For best results, apply when outside temperature is above 50°F
(10°C), and when 24 hours of precipitation-free weather is
expected. Surface to be stripped should be out of direct sunlight
to avoid premature evaporation of the product.

A synthetic bristle brush or mop, pump sprayer or airless sprayer
(with no aluminum parts)is recommended. When working on
vertical surfaces start at the bottom and work to the top of the

Safe Handling directions must be followed to avoid exposure to

Bare wood and/or coated surfaces can become slippery when wet.
Use caution when walking on wet surfaces.

Prepare to Use:
Moderately shake container, then pour into sprayer tank. If
using a brush or mop, pour product into a 2-1/2 gallon plastic bucket.
Do not mix with any other products.

Working on 20 sq. ft. at a time to maintain optimum surface
wetness, apply product and let sit for 15 minutes. If stripper dries
prematurely, keep it wet with additional product as needed.

Brush or Pressure Wash:
Briefly scrub surface with a Wolman WOODWORX® Deck Brush
or other stiff, synthetic, short-bristle broom or brush, using
moderate pressure or pressure wash, using a 40° tip and 1,500
-2,500 PSI for pressure-treated wood and hardwood, 500
-1,000 PSI for Cedar and Redwood. Move lengthwise with boards to
avoid cut marks across grain. Ensure old coating is entirely
dissolved and removed.

If pressure washing is not employed, after brushing, rinse
thoroughly with a garden hose,using the highest pressure
nozzle setting available. On a vertical surface, continually rinse
stripped areas to avoid streaking. Rinse any wood fibers off
surrounding surfaces immediately. When dry, surface should
appear clean, bright and free of previous coating.

Repeat steps 2-4on each 20 sq. ft. section until entire surface
has been stripped. When finished, rinse surrounding grass and
plants thoroughly.

After stripping Cedar, Redwood or exotic hardwoods,
black tannin stains may rise to the surface and give wood an
overall darkened appearance. If this occurs,treat affected areas
with Wolman Deck & Fence Brightener liquid concentrate
to restore the natural wood color.

DeckStrip is not designed to remove tannin bleed stains.

Clean Up:
Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with soap and
water. Use water or vinegar-soaked rag to wipe off any drips or
spills on unintended surfaces immediately.

Safe Handling:
During preparation and application, wear rubber or plastic
coated gloves and safety goggles. If applying with a sprayer,
wear a NIOSH-approved full-face respirator with an organic
vapor cartridge and N-95 pre-filter. Care should be taken to
cover any exposed aluminum surfaces to prevent
discoloration, as this product is corrosive to metal.

those containing chlorine or bleach (sodium hypochlorite). Rinse
grass and plants with water after exposure .

May be harmful if swallowed. Causes eye and skin irritation.
Prevent contact with eyes and skin. During preparation and
application, wear rubber or PVC gloves and safety goggles.
Wash thoroughly after handling. May cause respiratory and
throat irritation. Do not breathe spray mist. If applying with a
sprayer, wear a properly fitted, NIOSH approved respirator.
Use only with adequate ventilation.


Wolman DeckStrip

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