Wolman RainCoat Clear Water Repellent (Oil Base) Gallon 12386

Wolman RainCoat Clear Water Repellent (Oil Base) Gallon 12386

Wolman RainCoat Clear Water Repellent (Oil Base) Gallon

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Wolman™ RainCoat® Oil Base Clear Sealer protects exterior wood surfaces against water damage and mildew in a single coat. The RainCoat Clear Wood Sealer formula allows the wood’s original color and character to show. Its Extreme Weather Protection formula provides superior water repellency to maximize resistance to wood cracking, splitting and warping. It is recommended for immediate application to pressure-treated lumber products.

Unlike water-based sealers that require wood to weather for months, Raincoat One Coat Clear Sealer can be applied immediately to newly installed wood to help prevent damage from rain and other precipitation.

Use RainCoat® Clear Wood Sealer to beautify and protect decks, porches, fences, shake, shingle and clapboard siding, boat decks, boardwalks, outdoor furniture, gazebos, arbors and trellises, storage sheds and more.  

  • One-coat application
  • Hydrophobic properties provide superior water repellency
  • Mildew-resistant coating
  • Coverage: up to 250 sq ft per gallon with one coat

Preparation is key to any Wolman Stain or Finish adhering properly. To properly prepare your surface use either the Wolman™ DeckStrip® or DeckStrip® ASR, then clean with Wolman™ DeckBrite™ or Deck & Fence Brightener.  

Regardless of the surface’s age or condition, failure to follow proper preparation methods will result in poor adhesion and/or possible coating failure.

Use a quality 3/8" nap roller, short nap stain pad, synthetic paint brush or a pump-style sprayer.

Coverage 250 sq ft per gallon (coverage depends on type and condition of wood) 
Dry to Touch 1 Hour
Light Traffic 24 Hours
Replace Furniture 48 Hours
Full Cure 7 Days
Clean Up Mineral Spirits (clean drips or spills immediately as the product is hard to remove)

The preparation process outlined below should be followed
to ensure adequate penetration, coloration and optimum
performance of this product.

Perform Splash Test
Step 1

Regardless of whether wood is newly installed or pre-existing, it
is important to determine if there is a surface barrier present
which would prevent the proper penetration or adhesion of a
new coating. To conduct a Splash Test, sprinkle several handfuls
of water on a few distinct areas of the surface. If the water
absorbs rapidly, the surface is ready to be coated. If the water
beads, puddles or is not absorbed, an internal or external barrier
exists, and must be eliminated before coating can begin.

Step 2

Prepare the Surface: Use Wolman DeckBrite™ (Powder Concentrate),
Deck & Fence Brightener (Liquid Concentrate) or DeckStrip®
based on Wood Conditions below.

After preparation, repeat Splash Test to confirm water absorption.

NOTE: Chlorine bleach cleaners alone are not recommended.
These products degrade the wood structure, interfering with
penetration and adhesion of protective coatings.

Wood Condition:

Uncoated, New Wood
If pressure-treated lumber, beading or puddling water may
indicate either a surface barrier such as excess surface wax or
excessive internal moisture content. If new Cedar or Redwood,
“mill glaze” on the surface is likely.  Following the label guidelines,
select the appropriate Wolman surface preparation product
for your particular wood type, either Wolman DeckBrite powder
concentrate or Deck & Fence Brightener liquid concentrate.
Follow usage directions on label, then conduct Splash Test again.
If absorption is not improved, allow wood to dry two weeks in
temperate weather (avg. 70°F, 50% humidity), longer in cooler or
more humid conditions. Test for absorption again before applying
this product.

Uncoated, Weathered Wood
Before coating, weathered wood must be thoroughly cleaned to
remove ground-in dirt, mildew, mold and algae stains, gray, UV
-damaged wood fibers and any other surface contaminants.
According to label guidelines, select the appropriate product for
your particular wood type, either Wolman DeckBrite powder
concentrate or Deck & Fence Brightener liquid concentrate.
Follow usage directions on label, then conduct Splash Test again.

Previously Coated, Weathered Wood
Previous coatings should be removed before application of this
product. If a pigmented oil or latex coating exists, use
Wolman DeckStrip® Stain & Finish Remover according to label
directions to prepare the surface. Acrylic coatings may require a paint
stripper. If coated with a clear sealer or lightly pigmented
finish and little to no pigment remains, Wolman DeckBrite
powder concentrate or Deck & Fence Brightener
liquid concentrate may be used to restore the surface and remove
residual coating/water repellency. Based on label guidelines,
select the appropriate wood cleaner for your particular wood type.




Pump Style Sprayer – The Wolman BackSaver® 2 Gallon
Sprayer is recommended. Back-brush along grain any drips,
runs, uneven coverage or surface puddles.

Brush – Natural or synthetic bristle. Always work from end
to end on a few boards at a time, and maintain a wet edge.

Roller or Stain Pad – Short nap style. When rolling, backbrush
for best results.

Professional Contractor:

Airless Sprayer – Use a 0.009-0.015 inch tip and 100 mesh
filter screen; 250-500 psi. Back-brush along grain any drips,
runs, uneven coverage or puddles.

Before You Start – Replace rotted, extremely weathered or
warped boards. Make sure entire wood surface is dry and free
of dust, dirt and debris. Cover all surrounding areas not
intended to be coated. Do not tint, dilute or mix this product
with any other product.

This product may become cloudy at low temperatures.
To restore clarity, allow to warm, then stir.

Use mineral spirits to clean up over-spray,
drips or spatters on surrounding surfaces, and tools and equipment
after use.


DANGER: Rags, steel wool or waste soaked with this product
may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded.
Immediately after use, place rags, steel wool, or waste in a
sealed, water filled metal container.

User Tip – “New generation” (non-CCA) pressure-
treated lumber, when initially installed, may develop
pronounced mildew growth during the first few
months of weathering. To reduce or avoid mildew stain
on the coating film and immediately protect against water
damage, pre treat with this product for 6 months or
allow wood to weather for 1 to 3 months before applying
a protective coating product.

Wolman RainCoat Clear Water Repellent (Oil Base) Gallon 12386

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