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Abrasive Sponges

Norton has the abrasive sponge to get into corners, around spindles, into millwork grooves and other areas that can’t be reached with traditional sandpaper shapes.

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At, we supply a range of products for your sanding needs. With trusted brands like Norton, you can have peace of mind that you’re receiving a great value for your money.

Sometimes traditional sandpaper doesn’t do the trick in sanding projects. When working on an application with hard to reach corners and areas, you want to consider investing in an abrasive sponge.

These tools make it easy to get into corners, millwork grooves, and around spindles. stocks this handy tool in a series of different sizes and angles. We offer a variety of options to make it easier for you to find the right abrasive sponge for your project.

Each of our products includes a detailed item description and images. Our customers will always know what they’re purchasing from our store. We go above and beyond stocking a wide range of necessary products for at-home projects. We also offer budget-friendly prices that anyone can afford.

For both hobbyists and professionals, a quality abrasive sponge is essential. It will help you to achieve a smooth, finished look on any application. We strive to carry the top brands and items for our customers, giving them the best tools at amazing prices.