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5 Products is the ultimate shop for every painter’s needs. We have everything you need to finish your project, including many types of adhesive tape products.

If you’re painting walls and need to protect trim, or you’re just after sharp, crisp edges, you need good quality painters’ tape. Want to hang your work without a hammer and nails? We’ve got double sided tape for you.

Here at, you’ll be able to find a variety of adhesive tapes. We have something for every project. We stock only the best and most trusted brands, so you know you’re getting quality, no matter what you buy.

We pride ourselves on our large stock. We have products for every purpose and price range, to accommodate artists on every budget. With our stock, we can guarantee that you’ll find exactly what you need. That includes everything from double sided tape to safety warning tape.

All our product pages have detailed information and product specifications, as well as tips on how to best use them. You can choose from a selection of the very best brands, such as ATP.

We always strive to stock the highest quality painting products and supplies for our customers. We carry the brands that we would want to use ourselves. Check out our amazing selection of adhesive tape today!