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ArroWorthy Painting Tools are the ultimate choice for professional painters. Crafted with precision and using new equipment and special finishing techniques, these superior painting tools give you the edge you need to apply Today’s Coatings flawlessly. With wholesale pricing and box discounts available, ArroWorthy offers unbeatable value. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a DIY enthusiast, trust ArroWorthy to deliver exceptional results every time. Upgrade your painting game with ArroWorthy Painting Tools today!

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ArroWorthy has based its company's practices on three basic principles: supplying the best materials in the world, providing good service, and offering it all at a reasonable price. At, we share those ideals. We strive to provide you with the best painting products around.

The heavy-duty roller frames from ArroWorthy are ideal for professional and DIY painters alike. You can find standard as well as mini-sized ArroWorthy roller frames on this webpage. The handles on these roller frames are threaded with polypropylene and metal reinforced ferrule. This design allows for easy attachment of poles without any breaking.

Mini-rollers are ideal for painting tight spaces as well as woodwork. They are especially useful for painting along the trim or the edge of a wall.

We also have professional adjustable roller frames in stock. These frames are fully adjustable between 12 inches and 18 inches. They also utilize nylon bearings for trouble-free use. We also have plastic and metal paint trays. All of the trays from ArroWorthy are sturdy and rust-resistant.