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5 Products offers a variety of long-lasting batteries. With these, we aim to be a resource for all of your DIY needs. We sell products from some of the most trusted brands in America including Duracell and Energizer.

We have a wide selection of standard batteries for everyday use. We also supply hard to find types like Energizer's 1.5 Volt A76 General purpose battery. The 1.5 Volt A76 is great for small electronic devices. It can power watches, calculators, glucose monitors, cameras, and more.

We also sell Energizer's popular and budget-friendly Eveready Gold Battery. These Alkaline batteries are excellent for mid to low-drain devices. They work well with radios, smoke detectors, remotes, motor-driven toys, and more.

With Duracell, we are proud to offer products from a company that guarantees a 10-year lifespan on their signature coppertop batteries. Buy a box of 8 or a box of 16 today.

At, we don’t just supply paint products. We supply a range of items to help with all your home project needs. With our supply of batteries, customers can depend on a reliable source of power no matter the time of day or night.

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