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Braces & Straps, the ultimate hardware solution to keep your projects secure. With our high-quality braces and straps, you can trust that everything will stay in place. Whether you're working on construction, woodworking, or any other DIY project, our wholesale pricing and box discounts ensure you get the best value. Crafted with durability in mind, our braces and straps are built to last. Don't let anything go awry - choose Braces & Straps for unbeatable security.

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We provide quality products for any type of job you can imagine at In addition to painting supplies, we also offer countless supplies for repair, DIY, or renovation projects.

We stand by our products and maintain that their quality is of the highest caliber. We have what you need. offers a variety of cable ties for all your fix-it or organizational needs, big or small. Cable ties can be used for organizing bundles of cables neatly and can be easily installed by hand.

We also offer ultraviolet black ties, which are resistant to strong sun rays. These are mainly for outside use. Our cables also have a patented double lock design with teeth on each side of the cable, which makes them 50% stronger than other cable ties.

In addition to cable ties for organizational purposes, we also have Velcro multi-colored straps. These are perfect for tying things together such as cords.

For fix-it purposes, we have a mending plate. It is resistant to corrosion and rust, easily installed, and comes with screws included.

Check out these strong braces and straps today.